Hanging Lanterns – 15m x 15m


Price is for hanging lanterns covering an area of 15 meters by 15 meters
Installation time appox 6+ hours depending on number of lines
Please contact us for a quotation based on your venue and the size of the area that needs to be covered if you are unsure of what you will need.



Hanging lanterns are a fabulous way to instantly give your reception venue a warm feel, round paper hanging lanterns can bring all your theme elements together and create a design that will wow your guests.

Using White Lanterns can create the impression the lanterns are floating over your reception venue.

The lines can be tied to individual lanterns or used to create grids to hang the lanterns from. Alternatively tie your lanterns directly to poles, trees, beams or marquee posts to create a magical decor for your guests to admire. Featured in white these hanging lanterns cover a 15 meter by 15 meter area